Most asset managers work independently or in small offices, which means that the administrative duties of operating a business fall on them. That is on top of focusing on their clients, calculating risk management, and staying in compliance with reporting regulations. An advanced software platform especially for independent asset managers is available via subscription to help streamline existing caseloads, reduce mistakes, simplify administration duties, and manage portfolios more efficiently.

It has been developed by asset managers and founders with tons of experience to allow managers to make better use of their time, and expand the business if they want, without spending a small fortune on hardware investments and licensing fees. The platform is perfect for family office software, and also has options for any sized businesses. The basic subscription, for example, is for a maximum of two users and up to thirty accounts. A free demonstration is available online. The low rate includes set-up, and is on a month to month basis. There is no contract to sign, and no long-term commitment required.

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The second version, called Assetmax 360, is designed for medium to large businesses. It can be easily customized, and allows for unlimited users and an unlimited number of accounts. Starting this subscription requires a one-time configuration fee, a basic yearly fee for support and maintenance, and a variable fee based on the specific number of users and accounts. The third option is the same as the 360, except outsourcing services are added to the subscription. Outsourcing is provided by a partner company.

Dozens of features are divided into six categories for clarification and ease of use. Portfolio management features, for example, consist of fund and portfolio management applications, grouping, consolidation, re-balancing, restrictions, asset class structures, and applications for configuring fees, invoicing, and reconciliation. Reporting features include a reporting engine, a designer to create and customize several different reports, and the ability to add-in Excel files.

Front office features are available to help managers organize and save client folders and sensitive information. A regulation-based customer relation management (CRM) database, a customized dashboard, and encrypted database to protect specifics. A document management application allows managers to check signatures on scanned and electronic documents, as well as store, validate, track, and revise them. Everything that is needed is available in one place to help managers operate their businesses.

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